The Journey

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Film Is Not Dead 01

Film is not dead, not a cliche name at all but whatever we all do cliche things even if we don't want to right?. okay so I since I've been putting 0 to none effort to put blogs together I decided to do this little series. a few months ago I was blessed with a canon film camera by a guy nice enough to gift it to me,he didn't know if it would work but here we are I've already shot 3 rolls on it and I love it. After doing the first roll on the cheapest film I could find on my local pharmacy I decided to get myself one of the best film out there portra 400.  to only regret it after being dumb enough and let my local cvs develop it, they managed to messed up most of my pics from this roll however some of them came out really good so I decided to share them with you.