The Journey

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You're not a hero

little Ara

Look back, see yourself playing the hero? See how you helped saved Iguanas from being killed by a slingshot? Do you see yourself chasing kids calling your name? look back, do you see yourself running around playing tag? Playing ball? Do you see that kid that believed in love? That believed love was a magical force that would last an eternity? Remember that kid that swore to god to never ever smoke, that kid who’s life was a fairy tale, that kid that went to Disney world every year to meet her heroes? That kid who’s smile would light up a room? That kid that had the innocence of believing that everyone was good? That every soul she touched was pure? That believed good hearts were real? see that kid that cried in her grandmothers funeral and weeks after that? See that kid that not matter how bad the situation was,tried to see the good in it? See that kid that loves with such a tender heart? Look closer, remember the look of pain when her heart was broken for the first time? Or that time that her parents found out that she in fact wasn’t what they wanted her to be? That time she got so drunk trying to explain her parents that loving someone didn’t make her a bad person? But instead made her brave, remember those nights where it was a struggle to breath? The time you broke that girl's heart breaking yours in the process? or that time you saw her for the first time and couldn’t believe your eyes? do you remember? Or that time you found love in the dance floor while alcohol ran through your veins? That the only thing you remember was that she kissed you and told you not to be afraid? Do you remember all the struggle? All the cars you washed in the burning sun? Or that time you slept for a year in an air mattress. or that time you saw your mom cry because of someone’s else words? That time your dad told you that we had nothing but still wanted to give you everything? that time she saw her friend hit bottom? That time she wanted to help but couldn’t? See that time she realized that not everyone needed fixing? That time you wanted nothing but be a hero? but realized that you're not a hero?

                              - Aranel Vivarini