The Journey

Blog post created by aranel vivarini, owner of this blog would be about the journey of a creator, trying to chase the dream of making it in the art industry, as well as adventures and share stories and people that I've meet through it. blogging is a way of curating the soul

What is this I'm feeling?

here I am trying to keep up with my sanity, keeping my anxieties and all these feelings at bay. it's a constant battle that you fight with yourself, a battle you have no choice but to fight. I have to make peace with all of these raw emotions. I'm not scared of them, that's not why I'm writing this. I'm writing this to remind myself that all of these emotions are a part of life, a part of my personal growth, a part of what's going to make me a better person after all. see there are many things we're not told as kids, we're told that we have to work hard to make things happen but they don't tell us all the emotional battles we have to go through in order to make it all happen and succeed, but no worries life is amazing. You're going to go through hell and back and that's okay too, you're going to be fine. just listen to some Kanye west or Beyonce and put some shades on to feel like you own this mother F##*K world! 

                                       - Aranel Vivarini

Tribble mill park tree